To Our Church Family


I along with all of you are having severe withdrawals after just missing Sunday church services. This is not to my liking in any shape, form, or fashion. It makes me appreciate the church fellowship we had before. It makes me want and desire God to do more  in the lives of our families , friends, and loved ones than ever before .   It makes me hunger for a greater move of God.  Pastor and I both have spoke along the lines of the church being filled.  Truly the fields are white unto harvest. Let us all be a part (not apart) but a part of reaping the harvest.

Y’all have been here before.  It was called hurricanes and floods..I haven’t so I am learning my way.

I am not one to say that God shows me things.  I am not some spiritual guru that believes every dream, or vision,or nightmare is from God.  BUT I do know when I have heard from God.  That has been confirmed in the last 24 hrs. I know when God is preparing us for something.  It looks bleak and dreary right now with all that is going on... but this too shall pass. The devil is making his move now.  BUT THEN IT IS GODS TURN. !!!

Keep your heads up.  Keep your knees bowed. Keep you arms lifted.  Keep your spirits encouraged.   David said. "I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread".

All is going to be well.  We will come out of this stronger. We will be mightier than we were before.  We see ourselves as being weak, wretched , poor, and miserable.  We see ourselves as a valley  of dry bones. God sees us as his mighty army in the land.

Let’s rise  to the occasion and see what God will do.

I love each of you and are available to you. God bless. 

          Bro and Sis Marcantel




Tithing and Offering Options

During this time of social distancing, there are several ways to continue to give your offering and tithes.

https://www.churchtrac.com/connect?ui=F71B273D This link will take you to the churchtrac website we use for attendance. You can create an account and setup recurring payments, one-time payments and text payments. 

You can also choose to donate thru paypal using the donate icon on the home page of our website.

Additionally, you can create a bill pay check from your checking account and have it sent to the church. No fee for you and you save a stamp.

Or you can mail a check directly to the church or slide it under pastor's office door.

PLEASE DO NOT MAIL CASH! I receive other peoples mail all the time and it's just not safe!


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  June 2020  
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